21 Virtual Assistant Companies for Finding Small Business Help

Virtual Assistants (VA) are independent workers who assist businesses with administrative, business development, social media, marketing or other tasks. As a result, the benefit of a VA is that through taking on recurring tasks, they free up time for businesses to focus on strategic goals.

With the advent of the internet, businesses can now subcontract some of their business processes to literally anyone across the world. VAs work online from a remote location and handle specific tasks for a company. The service sector has benefited the most with virtual assistants helping ease the burden on small businesses. Small businesses can now get the services they need without providing working space, training, equipment and related costs.

In addition, VAs help businesses become more productive by taking one nonessential tasks for businesses. Tasks, like checking e-mails, answering calls or managing websites, can be delegated to competent virtual assistants. Businesses can prepare a detailed list of tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant — things they need to get done and help you grow your business. Administrative tasks can be easily delegated to a virtual assistant because they are process-driven and repetitive.

Virtual Assistant Tasks
VAs cover a wide range of tasks. For example, database management, accounting, marketing, data entry — literally anything. Most VAs are experienced professionals and come vetted by their respective agencies. Some have skills in your specific industry outweighing the need to hire a novice. A VA with strong industry experience will be able to understand what your clients’ needs are. An added bonus is that the particular VA comes at a fraction of the price for a full-time employee.

Business growth requires capital. By hiring virtual assistants, you can substantially reduce your capital needs. Rather than going through the motions of hiring and cutting staff. VAs would help you manage your work volume without breaking your budget. If business picks up and you need more help, simply hire another VA to see you through the transition.

To help you get the right VA for your particular business needs, several virtual assistant websites have cropped up offering virtual assistant services. Their offering range from general services to industry-specific services. Below is our list of companies offering virtual assistant services.

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