Web Design & Development Virtual Assistant

Web Design & Development Virtual Assistant India

With business moving to the internet, highly-technical & skilled personnel are required for web designing.

Our web designer virtual assistants ensure that websites remain attractive to customers and operate smoothly. Our web designers virtual assistants help the business eco-system maintain an online presence. Millions of websites can be found online and therefore constantly maintaining an almost 100% up-time is mandatory. Many businesses would collapse without the services of a skilled web designer.

However, the cost of employing regular web designers and upgrading their knowledge regularly is now denting many corporate budgets. Therefore, hiring virtual/online website designers makes a lot of business sense.

Our virtual website designers work closely with clients and their target audience to define what the site should look like. Using coding such as HTML, XML and CSS. Hire My Assistant web designers create content such as text, images, graphics and photos. Our web designer virtual assistants also excel in managing video and audio on websites. They are familiar with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Java.

Hire My Assistants virtual website designers maintain, update and refine client website content and ensure traffic and best-in-class uptime.

Our Website Designers are excellent at :

  • Designing the website by clarifying goals and functionality
  • Establishing locatability by registering with search enginess
  • Designing and installing security precautions for Websites
  • Maintaining site appearances
  • Configuring Server Softwares, installing programming language and ensuring cross platform compatibility
  • Help clients finalize action plans based on formulated strategies


Hire My Assistants would always love to have the designer interviewed by you. You can arrange a skype meeting Or a phone meeting to discuss the project requirement.

Service Include

Experienced Virtual Assistants

Experienced & professional virtual assistants including MBA’s, Engineers, Medical professionals.

100% confidentiality

We offer 100% confidentiality to all our customers.

Flexible to Communicate

You can use a dedicated telephone number, chat on Skype, and send emails to communicate with the Virtual assistant.

The Benefits

We are one of the leading virtual assistant companies in India. Our packages for virtual assistant services have everything you need to succeed.

  • Affordable pricing as low as $5/hr
  • Save time by outsourcing tasks
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Money back guarantee*
  • Dedicated virtual assistant for you

Hire a virtual assistant from India at lowest possible price and start outsourcing your daily tasks.

WordPress Web Design Virtual Assistant

Website Design & Redesign Services

Every web design project is unique and the time it takes is based on your specific website requirements and how much of your content you have ready to hand off to me.

If you’re ready to begin the process of creating a new WordPress website or redesign your existing website, I’m here to help you make it happen.

You’ll receive a website that is custom built for you and I’ll answer any questions you have along the way.

What You Can Expect From Working With Me

We’ll start with a web design consultation to discuss what your requirements are for your site and what success looks like. Your website will be custom designed and built to meet specific needs. As we proceed with your web design project, we’ll communicate regularly to make sure those requirements are being met.

It’s okay if you’re unsure as to everything you need right away. There are many options to choose from and I can help you make those decisions. I’ll answer all of your questions as you have them and make recommendations based on my years of experience with WordPress and web design.

Communication is so important with any relationship and this one’s no different. You can email me 24/7 with any questions, comments, and feedback on your web design project. You can also schedule a client call with me at your convenience and as often as you like. As I work on your website, you’ll receive regular communication from me.

You’ll receive a quality website that is created to meet your needs. Your site will be mobile responsive, which is extremely important for many reasons. It will be ready for SEO, Google Analytics integration and linked to your social media profiles.

Virtual Assistant Website Design

Do you have ever taken a marketing course and do you find it difficult for you to implement your learning in your industry? Have you ever felt that you know very little about marketing your business through an online medium? Does all the information about work even sometimes make your head spin or become a reason for a headache? Are you looking for someone who can help you with your current/new site? Yes, then you are in the right place. Through our Virtual Assistant Website Design, you can have a website that will do much for you. No, matter if you don’t know how to make updates to your website, you do not know how to blog and market or to optimize it well. We are not only a virtual assistant but we are unique all of these things in one! The team of our virtual assistant website design is also expert in managing video and audio on sites and hold good command on the software such as Photoshop, Flash, Java, etc.

Features of our Virtual Assistant Website Design

  • Responsive design/mobile optimization- In order to generate response the website needs to have eye-catchy design and it must be mobile optimized. It will make the site easy to navigate and easy to read from any screen.
  • Amazing content- Several reasons can be explained why one should share some type of content on the website as it can show your expertise and it develops relationships with the audience. As the Ultimate goal is always to get people back to your website.
  • An On-Site Portfolio- A portfolio is a route to represent your talent and your previous work on your website. Don’t matter how long have you worked or you are a fresher you can simply show them in your portfolio. It could be a better idea to link a PDF portfolio on your website.



Web Design Virtual Assistant: Understands Client’s Business Requirements Perfectly

Our highly experienced and talented team of web design virtual assistants will create a captivating site that can help to change visitors to customers and clients. There are several parameters well understood and kept in mind while a site is being designed by our virtual assistant. Our web design virtual assistants help the business ecosystem maintain an online presence and also ensure that websites remain attractive to customers and operate smoothly. Some of the factors are search engine optimization, social media, etc. Moreover, the web sites will be designed to be:

  • User-friendly
  • Attractive
  • Search Engine Optimized for page ranking in Google
  • To get connected with the social media for example Face book, Twitter, etc.

Once your web site is completed by our web design virtual assistants, we also help you get more traffic with our virtual assistant services for Search engine optimization and Social Media Marketing.

Our web design virtual assistants are excellent at:-

  • Clearing goals and functionality while designing the website.
  • Establish local ability by making registrations with using search engines
  • Performing installation and designing by doing regular checks security precautions for Websites
  • Preserving the site appearance
  • Installing various programming languages
  • Making cross platform compatibility

64 Web Development & Design Jobs for Virtual Assistants

As an online business owner without sufficient coding knowledge and experience, you may think it’s enough to buy an outstanding theme, do your best to customize it and your business website is ready to be launched.

Well, developing, designing and maintaining a website involves far more than that.

web design process
Photo by: WebAlive

Every serious, talented Web Designer or Developer or anyone else doing this type of work needs to have a thorough understanding of:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other programming language(s)
  • compatibility between various devices and web browsers
  • user interface (UI)
  • web security principles
  • latest software packages and technologies and much more.
steve jobs
Photo by: Despreneur

Obviously, there are tons of small, repetitive but serious and significant tasks that need to be completed professionally so that your website is running smoothly.

If you don’t want to deal with all those daily tasks, are short of time, or even haven’t got a clue how to perform them, there’s a simple solution.


Let an expert handle all those complicated but vital tasks for your business.

Don’t have enough cash for a professional in-house Web Developer or Designer? No worries!

Communicating with your Designers cost-effectively will save you money.

Even better:

You can hire a qualified Virtual Assistant with solid knowledge of web development and design, as well as enough practical coding experience and know-how.

Learn how to become a successful Virtual Assistant. Get your free cheat sheet.

Here are some of the technical responsibilities a trustworthy well versed Virtual Assistant with web development and design skills can successfully handle for you. Most of them are tasks typically performed in WordPress.

  1. Recommending and reserving a domain name
  2. Helping you choose a website hosting domain based on your needs and requirements
  3. Purchasing a web hosting plan for you
  4. Developing and supporting WordPress (PHP) websites
  5. Creating web pages
  6. Updating web pages
  7. Creating a website sitemap (including all sections and pages)
  8. Creating or moving a website database from the testing or staging server to the production one
  9. Creating user accounts
  10. Updating WordPress and other platforms
  11. Installing themes
  12. Selecting and customizing themes
  13. Updating themes
  14. Installing plugins
  15. Updating plugins
  16. Modifying and redesigning your existing website
  17. Making mockups
  18. Building and designing landing pages for websites to convert visitors into customers
  19. Setting up manual website backups on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly)
  20. Ensuring all backups are running
  21. Doing keyword research
  22. Setting up and managing blogs (in WordPress mostly)
  23. Researching blog posts
  24. Collecting content from writers and organizing it
  25. Double-checking website content, requesting and managing revisions and modifications
  26. Uploading and drafting blog posts
  27. Scheduling blog posts and managing editorial calendar
  28. Publishing blog posts on blogs
  29. Moderating comments on blogs
  30. Updating blogs
  31. Generating, editing or formatting website/blog traffic reports
  32. Uploading and embedding videos to websites
  33. Uploading and embedding images to websites
  34. Optimizing images
  35. Uploading any types of digital files to websites
  36. Implementing various graphics and visuals into a website (e.g. a Google map on your contact page)
  37. Making sure all the content and visuals on the website are either original work or properly attributed
  38. Ensuring all the metadata are original
  39. Designing, creating and uploading ebooks
  40. Header and logo design
  41. Creating page URLs
  42. Researching web design trends and staying updated
  43. Troubleshooting your website
  44. Testing websites and apps for mistakes and problems
  45. Improving your website functionality, responsiveness and pages’ load speed
  46. Making your website mobile-friendly
  47. Fixing various other errors and solving technical issues that may occur when running a website
  48. Providing technical support to your clients or customers
  49. Doing or assisting with SEO work
  50. Showcasing your products and special offers in the sticky sidebars
  51. Ensure appropriate interlinking throughout a website (among related inbound pages, as well as including outbound links to credible sources)
  52. Making sure that all website links work
  53. Fixing dead links
  54. Creating redirects
  55. Setting up and optimizing autoresponders
  56. CRM integration
  57. Social media integration
  58. Integrating payment gateway
  59. Installing an email ticketing system like ZenDesk
  60. Providing support and making sure the ticketing system works smoothly
  61. Integrating and maintaining MailChimp and other necessary automation tools for business growth
  62. Implementing appropriate security principles to websites (especially eCommerce platforms)
  63. Handle the coding
  64. Provide basic/general or more specialist training to other team members in the field of web development and design

Having seen what a professional Web Dev/Designer VA can do for you, wouldn’t it put you at ease to delegate all the tedious website maintenance and admin work to them while you’re squeezing more hours out of each day to spend them on your business development instead of some technical tasks?

You already have enough challenges without having to take care of your website maintenance, right?

Still, your website is a critical component of your online business where you’re showcasing your products or services, so neglecting it is NOT an option at all.

An eye-catching, highly responsive, user-friendly and reliable website is an absolute MUST for your online brand credibility and business success.

New Website Design, Redesign, Audits & SEO

Is your website organized, optimized, easy to use, and a converting machine for your business? Make sure your website is a great first point of contact for your audience with a crisp, clean design that is easy to navigate, SEO that pushes you to the top of search results, copy and e-commerce that sells your products for you!

We create the website of your dreams, or audit and redesign your current website!
✓ We create a website that makes an incredible first impression
✓ We check out your existing website and advise ways to improve it
✓ We help your business stand out from the crowd with a unique brand and website design
✓ We produce exclusive designs based on your business needs and your ideal client
✓ We boost your current website with a “facelift” including a new design
✓ We examine your website design, functionality, and calls to action
✓ We rewrite your website with keyword-rich, story-driven personality-infused copy
✓ We research and incorporate the best organic keywords for your business
✓ We ensure that your web copy fits SEO best practices
✓ We find the best 3rd party plugins and add-ons for your business
✓ We make it easy for customers to purchase your products and pay for your services
✓ We develop new sales channels for your business
✓ We ensure that your website will run smoothly in the future
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What makes for a great website?
Whether product or service-oriented, your website needs to be functional, professional, relevant, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, inviting, and search engine optimized. Your website should offer clients a delightful online experience and encourage them to say, “Yes!” to your product or service. In other words, your site should be representative of your entire customer service experience!

Why do I need a great website?
Your website is one of your most effective marketing tools, and often the first place people go to learn more about you. Just like on a first date, you want a potential customer’s first glance at your website to make a good impression! That’s why a beautifully designed website with proper SEO that pushes you to the top of Google search results is a must-have for any business with an online presence.

If your business doesn’t have a website or your website looks more than five years old (or if it actually IS that old!), potential customers or clients may be turned off and move on to one of your competitors with a more modern website design. In the age of Pinterest inspiration boards and beautiful inspiration via Instagram, a certain level of polish is expected from even the smallest of businesses.

If your current website needs a refresh, we can help with giving it a whole new design with polished web copy, turning it into a website that converts and sells for you!

How can we help?
A fresh look shouldn’t be limited to your wardrobe, as most of your clients will be paying more attention to your business’ online presence than the shirt you’re wearing in your headshots! If you don’t have a website or your current website needs a refresh, we will build you one that will WOW your audience and convert them into customers! Clients are going to be looking for your online presence, so make sure your website is a beautiful one that is on brand. Your website should show them exactly how the work that you do can benefit them and position you as an expert, all the while collecting valuable information that you need from them and ultimately making the sale!

Whether you need a new website or want to audit and redesign the one you have currently, we can help! And of course, either way, your website will be fitted with the best SEO practices ensuring that search engines give you the exposure you need to get in front of your ideal client!

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JLVAS-Blog Freebie Images-website audit workbook
Types of Websites We Build:
E-Commerce Solutions for Your Website:
WIX Expand
Website services we provide:
All Services Expand
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What to expect?
✓ New design or redesign?: We offer feedback on the best solutions for your current website.
✓ A professional eye: We know what to look for in SEO on a website.
✓ Easy-to-read web copy: We write story-driven, personality-infused web copy with your audience in mind.
✓ Writing for multiple platforms: You need someone who can weave SEO into your web copy thoughtfully.
✓ Knowledge of reader behavior: We create keyword-rich copy that gets your audience to take action.
✓ Custom client avatar: We create personality-infused copy with your client avatar top of mind.
✓ Relevant keywords: We research exactly what keywords your customers are searching for.
✓ Best SEO practices: We optimize your website so search engines will recommend it.
✓ A collaborative creative process: We discuss your website wish list and keep you updated on our progress.
✓ Copywriting that sells: We provide keyword-rich, personality-infused website copy that stealthily sells.
✓ A beautiful face: We create a beautiful website for your business that will sell your services for you.
✓ Responsive website design: Your site will look beautiful and easy to read on any device.
✓ Integration perfection: We pick the best integrations for your business & seamlessly integrate them.
✓ Maintenance management: We handle all of the integration updates, website backups, and maintenance.
✓ More ways to connect with your clients: We set up online chat, scheduling and much more.
✓ Smooth operation: We help you choose the best integrations for your website!

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Still unsure? Check out what some of my clients say about our web design services.

“Before working with Jennie, it was challenging to keep our content and website refreshed and up to date. Often, we wouldn’t notice that something was outdated on our website until it was too late. We knew what wasn’t working, but we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Enter Jennie.

Jennie brought us fresh new marketing ideas to keep things moving and looking good on social media and the web. Her process is efficient, quick, and turn-key. Now, people understand exactly what we do and HOW WELL we do it before coming to the website. It’s no longer an uphill battle to make a sale. Jennie’s excellent eye for detail and content support is, no doubt, a key driver for this outcome.

Today’s business landscape is competitive. Unless you have the budget for in-house support, you need to outsource communication, web development, and social media. Jennie does all that, and more!”

FRAN BISHOP helps companies maximize their resources and performance in onsite health programs, services, and facilities.


“Working with Jennie has streamlined our company and easily made us more efficient. For me, It’s always important to let the professionals do what they do best and just get out of the way. Jennie has instilled a trust factor for our company, which lets us put our focus in other areas.”

CARTER OOSTERHOUSE is one of America’s most recognized lifestyle experts. Having carried many popular television series ranging from Trading Spaces and Red and Hot & Green to Million Dollar Rooms and Celebrity Motor Homes. Most recently, Carter played host to FYI’s Rowhouse Showdown and will be co-hosting ABC’s hit primetime series, The Great Christmas Light Fight.

“Jennie’s digital marketing experience, combined with her excellent organizational skills, is a win-win for any small business. In fact, her social media efforts resulted in a 280% increase in email signups for my website!”

JULIE REVELANT is a health journalist and healthy school lunch advocate who teaches parents how to raise healthy kids who crave healthy food.

“Before working with Jennie, it was challenging to keep our content and website refreshed and up to date. Often, we wouldn’t notice that something was outdated on our website until it was too late. We knew what wasn’t working, but we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Enter Jennie.

Jennie brought us fresh new marketing ideas to keep things moving and looking good on social media and the web. Her process is efficient, quick, and turn-key. Now, people understand exactly what we do and HOW WELL we do it before coming to the website. It’s no longer an uphill battle to make a sale. Jennie’s excellent eye for detail and content support is, no doubt, a key driver for this outcome.

Today’s business landscape is competitive. Unless you have the budget for in-house support, you need to outsource communication, web development, and social media. Jennie does all that, and more!”

FRAN BISHOP of Aerobodies helps companies maximize their profits and strategic investments in human performance programs and wellness facilities.

“I am blown away. I seriously wanted to cry when I saw what an amazing job Jennie did for me (and for my clients) in such a short time. All of the content was fantastic, with no further edits required. ‘Thank you’ isn’t sufficient. I’m truly impressed and so grateful I found her.”

CHRISTINE HAKKOLA of Build Your Private Practice teaches therapists and counselors the precise steps to launch their private practice, attract dedicated clients, and simplify their business operation to create ease, flexibility, and financial security.

“I am so happy I hired Jennie! She’s a genius at what she does, allowing me to focus on what I’m good at, which are the fun, creative parts of being an entrepreneur. Every time I slide a task off my plate onto Jennie’s, she gets it done so quickly and efficiently that I’ve increased my own momentum. As a result, things are finally taking off in my business!

Jennie’s guidance and advice keep me out of overwhelm and freak out mode. Her ‘high-touch’ philosophy means that she gets back to me almost instantly, and our weekly phone calls ensure that we stay on the same page. I have no idea how she stays so organized and on top of everything! I now consider her a vital member of my team!”

SUMMER TURNER helps introverted womanpreneurs who want a life and business of ease in flow in spiritual, personal, and financial alignment.

“Jennie is my secret sauce! The startup phase of my new business was overwhelming me. I knew I needed a social media presence but did not know where to start, nor did I have the time to maintain it. Jennie has been awesome to work with! She created a wonderful digital presence for me online through my blog, Facebook, and Twitter. She keeps everything planned, scheduled, and maintained. I am amazed at how well she has gotten to know me and my business. She’s even able to write in “my voice”. Whenever I have had a few ideas I’d like to incorporate into my site, she would integrate them beautifully. This has been a huge help to me and allows me to better serve my clients and work on growing my business.”

STEPHANIE KATHERINE is a guide and mentor who empowers and provides ongoing support and guidance to set goals and make sustainable changes that improve health and happiness.

“I am a pro writer, so I tend to be picky about what gets put on my website. Jennie Lyon is the only person I’ve ever trusted to help me with blog posts and newsletters. With her great writing skills, she makes the entire process seamless. Honestly, I don’t know how she so consistently produces such great work, but I certainly appreciate it!”

STEPHANIE BUEHLER is a licensed psychologist and certified as a sex therapist and supervisor by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. She is the author of several books, speaks at major conferences across the country and around the globe.

How we hired an amazing web design project manager & virtual assistant

I was chatting with a potential new client about coming on board with our On Demand Web Guy service. They were totally sold on the concept but there was one obstacle.

The boss had told my contact to outsource.

“Try Upwork” was the advice… Possibly the worst outsourcing advice ever.

But this is so common. I see it in Facebook groups, forums and just about everywhere.

Person 1: I need someone to do X and Y and would like to hire someone offshore
Well meaning person 2: Try Upwork, it’s great!

These kind of job boards are just that. A job board, maybe with a few extra bells and whistles like time tracking.

They are not a sure fire way to find great people offshore.

In fact, it is really freaking hard to find good people if you don’t know what you are doing.

We’ve hired a lot of people over our 6ish years in business. Some casual, some full time. We’ve had some awesome people, and burned badly. If I had to put a figure on the money we’ve flushed down the toilet because of poor hiring, it’s at least 20k.

But hiring is a skill that can be learned.

Out of our last 10 hires, only one has turned out to be average. The rest are serious A players.

When we hired our project manager, the process went so well that we ended up with 3 amazing candidates who were solid hires. I ended up choosing one, and posting in Super Fast Business (James Schramko’s forum) about the 2 others. They were both snapped up within a couple of days.

Then I got a bunch of questions about how our hiring process worked, and how it was able to generate such good hires.

This post outlines our exact hiring process, at least right now. This is always being tweaked and changed, but it should give you an idea.

So far this has been a help to many people, so hopefully you get something out of this as well.

A while back I went looking for a project manager to add to our team. If you’ve hired overseas before, you’ll know it can be incredibly hard to find someone who is a good match to you, your team, and who performs.

The A-player is elusive. But so, so good when you find them. Crappy hires are stressful and can cause real problems for your business.

To make sure you get it right the first time, start by planning out the process.

That process should include:

  • Writing the job description
  • Identifying how much you want to pay
  • Actively seeking applicants
  • Creating a method for short listing applicants
  • Creating a test task to filter out the capable people
  • Interviewing

Side Note: I don’t think an interview is always required. It depends on the role. More on this later.

Job Description

Below is our standard formula.

There are so many drone-like boring job posts.  Try to be a little different or fun (as long as they’ll have some fun in their role and you aren’t going to bore them to death). Don’t be fake as they’ll just end up disappointed when they come on board. You’ll see some of this in the example job post below.


A good headline that says the role and a reason why they’d want to work with us

Questions & Intro

Sometimes we lead with a few questions at the beginning, similar to a landing page or copy. Like:

  • Do you want to be part of a fun team that…
  • Do you want to be paid on time every time
  • Would you like flexible working hours
  • If that sounds good, you might be a good fit!

Skills & Traits

A dot point list of the absolutely required skills/traits, followed by “bonus points” skills.

Any other requirements

Like equipment, internet speed

The Role

The kind of things they will do as part of the role. Give them a clear idea of what they’ll be doing.

Secret Word

Somewhere in the job post, mention a word that they must use in the application so you know they have read the post. If they don’t mention this word, you ignore the application unless they look ridiculously good.

Past Work

If they are a designer or developer, you might want to see what they have done in the past. If so I like to request a specific number of samples. Like “3 to 5”. If you get a copy-and-paste application with 20 samples, you can ignore that application based on attention to detail.

Any other details

Like start date. Are you looking to start someone ASAP or in a few weeks?

What Next

Let them know what they next stages are. Like a test task or interview if required.

Sample Job Post


Website Project Manager, Technical VA with amazing English to join a fun Aussie team


We’re looking for a fun, friendly person with amazing English to help manage website projects.

[Skills & Traits]

The main skills and traits we are looking for are:

– Amazing written English as you will be in regular contact with clients

– An understanding of WordPress, or a willingness to learn

– A love for technology and the web (you will have to look at lots of websites!)

– A friendly, fun attitude

– Happy to learn new skills and discover things on your own

– Attention to detail when testing websites for mistakes and problems

We don’t have time to micro manage – we will expect you to manage your own time and do what it takes to get things done!

[Any other requirements]

You will need a microphone so that we can have a voice interview.

[The Role]

Your major role would be managing website changes and website jobs

This includes things like:

– Reading emails from clients and turning them into tasks for web developers (you’ll be kind of like a translator from clients to developers)

– Communicating with designers where custom design is required

– Adding tasks as Trello cards for designers and developers

– Checking work done by web developers to make sure it is what the client asked for

– Responding to clients to inform them that work has been completed, and to ask for feedback

– Thoroughly checking websites to find mistakes and problems

If you have some spare time, some other things you might do are:

– Updating company documentation and procedures

– Posting to social media accounts

– Processing new clients

– If a client asks for help with their website, you might log in and try to work out how to do it so that you can tell them

[What Next] [Secret Word]

Please mention the word octopus in your application so we know you have read the post. If you are shortlisted, we will send you a 2 hour paid test with some typical tasks which you might have to handle as part of your job.


(In this job description, we also added monthly pay as it was a full time role. This is displayed in the header when applicant view the job)

Seeking Out Applicants

The next stage involves you searching for the kind of person you want.

So start searching. Use advanced search to filter down into the exact skills you are looking for, the exact country/region (if required) and whatever other criteria.

Go through the results. Any headlines/people that stand out, open them in a new browser tab.

When you’ve got 10 or so, send them a message inviting them to apply.

“Hi [name]

I saw your profile and it looks like you’d be a great fit for this role: [link]

Would you be interested in applying?



You won’t get 10 responses. You’ll be lucky to get 2 but those 2 have often ended up being one of the top people.


You’ll likely get a ton of applicants. Sometimes 80… so you’ll need to filter these as quickly as possible.

First Pass

Go through an open each applicant in a tab. If you can see a headline and summary that is bad or doesn’t line up with the role, you can skip that person.

Scan through and look for the secret word, poor communication, failure to follow any instructions in your post, red flags or even a bad gut feeling. You’d be surprised how often a bad gut feeling that I’ve ignored resulted in a bad hire.

Close all the tabs that you don’t like.

For everyone else, put their name, email (if you have it) and link to their profile in a spreadsheet.


Now come up with a set of “areas” you think are important for the job, that you can score out of 10.

For this project manager job, I used:

  • English because they’d be dealing with clients directly. I got an idea of their language by looking at their profile and application. Bear in mind their profile will likely be better than their real skills due to proofreading. And some of their application will be copy and pasted
  • Skills – how close their profile skills matched what I was after
  • Application – how good their application letter was. Did they talk about specifics to the role or just copy and paste? How well did they follow instructions?

Add these three columns to your spreadsheet, along with a notes column and a pay column, if applicable.

Go through and score each applicant, and create a “total” column to add up all of your criteria.

Then use conditional formatting to colour code that column based on score.

It will look something like this:

shortlisting applicants

In my notes column, you can see I’ve written “web dev” for some. Meaning that they were clearly a web developer applying for a Project Manager role. So something to consider when weighing people up.

Now pick the best 5 to run a test with. You can see above that I included a wildcard that I just had a good feeling about despite having a low score.

On a side note, if there are any you are unsure of, you can always shoot a couple of messages back and forward and use that as part of the criteria.


This is by far the most important part of the whole process.

A proper test weeds out people that are not right for your business.

I think it is important to do a paid test. Mainly because you are asking them to spend a couple of hours doing something. So don’t be an asshole and pay them. It doesn’t need to be much. In the Philippines we’ll often pay $20 USD for a couple of hours testing.

I’ll give you an example of our testing below, but you need to plan this out for your business.

  • Will social posts be a critical part of the role? Ask them to come up with a short social description for 5 blog posts
  • Will they be emailing clients? Give them some sample emails from clients and ask them to respond
  • Will they be following an internal process you already created? Give them access to the process and tell them to follow it

Create a few of these tasks and put them together in a Google document. Share the link with everyone you are testing.

Sample Test Tasks

Here’s a question I got on this part of the process.

I’m interested in your scoring system and what that consisted of. Is this something you’ve created or is there somewhere I can learn this from?

My response: I kind of just made it up. I created two test tasks….

The point being that this is not an exact science. If you come up with some tasks that they will be doing on the daily, you’ll be fine.

Task One

We had two client websites on our development server, which are now live, so they weren’t needed any more.

We have a document about the kinds of stuff we check over to make sure a client site is ready to go. Things like menus working, forms working, consistency of spacing etc. This was sent to applicants.

Based on that list, I asked our developers to “break” various things on 2 sites.

Applicants got one point for each thing we broke that they identified. Many of them picked up things that I didn’t even notice and they got bonus points for that.

They did all of this in a Google doc which they shared and linked me to.

Task Two

I sent them two emails from clients. Clients write some really crappy emails so they can be hard to understand.

They had to convert the emails into a “task list” for developers in Trello. If they didn’t understand or needed clarification from the client, they added cards in a different column in Trello.

They then made the board public and sent me the link.

For each “task” I identified in the email, they got a point based on how well the task was identified. Most of them struggled with this and got half marks for most items.


Because communication was an important part of this role, I included an interview as part of the score. For developer roles, I almost never do this and to this day have not spoken to some of by developers by voice…. ever.

Their interview score was just what I thought of them on the voice interview out of 20, including English speaking. I used 20 to make it a higher weighting compared to the tests because it was pretty important for this role

Scoring the Results

For each task, there was a scoring system. So they got a point for each point for each part the did right, and bonus points for anything they did where they actually identified mistakes of mine. This table was quite large, so I’ve included a small part below.

scoring and filtering virtual assistants

After this I totalled all of their points for each section, and colour coded each row with conditional formatting.

final scoring

Making The Hire

From the above you can see we had a couple of really close applicants. In the end the hire came down to gut feeling between the two.

The next steps were simply to:

  • Pay everyone for the test task
  • Let down the people not getting the job, honestly
  • Let the successful applicant know their start date and talk about pay

The process of bringing on new people is a whole post in itself. Stay tuned for part 2.

Have you hired anyone in the past and had it be a total disaster? Maybe you’ve got your own system that is working amazingly well?

Let me know in the comments! And please share if you think this will benefit someone

Why Website Design & Development is Important and How it Helps in Making your Business Profitable?

With the advent of new technology, it is quite easy to miss out on esteemed opportunities available. This situation is even worse when one does not have the expertise to tap on these changes. Well, this is the scenario for businesses which have limited knowledge of website development and design.

Let’s face it, website services have tremendously changed how the business industry works. So, for serious entrepreneurs or companies wishing to know the importance of websites this article provides just that.

Below are the major benefits of website development and web design.

Makes navigation easy

When it comes to having a successful online platform, the user must enjoy easy navigation. Essentially, information provided on the website should be easy to access. For this reason, it is expected that the pages have fast loading speeds.

Subsequently, the website is required to offer options to further aid in navigation. This encompasses the inclusion of a search box. Here, the users get to type on the search tool and quickly be directed to the section. It is through exemplary web design that a developer’s website achieves this.

Aside from developing the website, the developer is advised to regularly test the pages for ease of navigation. This is to eliminate or resolve bugs that may hamper the ease of loading web pages. Remember, if a website has good navigation capabilities then it is guaranteed of more organic traffic.

Get to win with SEO

Search engine optimization has become a fundamental aspect to observe when it comes to the website. With millions of websites contesting to top in search engine results pages (SERPs), search engines had to introduce a way to list sites.

Well, it is through web development and design that one gets to attain a higher ranking. Here, parameters such as; title tags, use of keywords, image optimization, linking among others are considered. This implies that the website meets all the standards required by be ranked top.

Subsequently, it is through optimization that the website becomes user-friendly. Aside from having the website, the webmasters get to retain the much-needed users. Under this, the web developer is required to include features such as “call-to-action”.

This further entails the need to have simplistic designs on the pages. Subsequently, you get to learn on the expected loading speeds. It is through this optimization that the website appears when different queries are made. So the website gets more clicks on search results.

Provide visual content on the website

Truth be said, selling abstract product and services can be cumbersome. This is further complicated when a company only provides tons of text about their specialty. It is here that website development spices things up.

By contacting a professional web designer, the business owner gets to choose the images to use. Additionally, the enterprise has the freedom to choose the number of promo videos and images. This will be guided by the optimization on search engines.

The merit of using visual contents is that provides the users with a clear picture of what the product looks like. Apparently, not all customers understand the services or products offered through text. So the inclusion of images makes it simple to drive the message home.

Besides this, use of images on the site easily captures the attention of the readers. Before reading through the text, users are often keen on the image. This improves the chances of having more users to the website.

Nevertheless, webmasters are advised to avoid stuffing the visual data. This is because it makes it difficult for the user to interpret. It also lowers the ranking of the website of search engine optimization. So it is important to moderate the use of imagery.

Increase the sales

Business prosperity is highly anchored on the number of sales made. Well, creating a website can effectively aid a business venture to attract more sales. According to Statista, e-commerce activities are anticipated to grow by 21.3% by the year 2019. This indicates that sales on websites are attracting more users.

Nowadays, more business owners are rushing to conduct their transactions online. This is because they have spotted the great opportunity to capitalize on online sales. The increase in sales goes hand in hand with the growing number of customers.

To further promote the sales, webmasters are encouraged to include updates. It is through updates and upgrades that the website functions are smoothened. Moreover, it shows the clients that the brand is dedicated to offering exemplary services and information.

Another way to improve the sales is by including promotions. Here, you get to create the much-needed fuzz among users. This replicates into more sales. Additionally, this gives users the impression that they can acquire affordable products from the company. So, all activities on the website add value to the business in one way or another.

Attract lifetime clients to your business

As the company aspires to spread its wings and expand, it is fundamental to have loyal customers. Nevertheless, this can be a daunting task especially when the entrepreneur uses poor tactics to achieve this. It is at this point that development and designing of the website help out.

The metrics retrieved from the site enable webmasters to monitor the activity of users. Here, it is possible to highlight the customers that have continuously supported the brand. After pinpointing them, the business owner ought to employ creative ways to retain these customers.

One innovative option is rewarding them with gift vouchers and rewards. This will definitely give them more reason to access your services or products. Remember, it is through the website that the business owner ensures no loyal customer is left out.

Another fascinating thing about the lifetime users is that they are able to market the brand. So they get to indirectly work for the company. This also reduces the cost of marketing.

Reach out to more clients

One of the main goals of establishing an enterprise is to grow in terms of customer base. Well, there is a myriad of ways to achieve this but each has different results. When it comes to web development and design, there are some major milestones achieved.

The first one is that it puts the brand name out there. Essentially, when the website is available on Worldwide Web then the company is on a global platform. This means that the little-known enterprise can be searched and provide products to far-off customers.

It is these services that aid to reduce the distance for the customers to access the activities. Here, there are other options such as purchasing or ordering the product on the website. Furthermore, the company still keeps in touch with the local customers. Great right!

Improving user engagement

Conventionally, an enterprise was hosted in a brick and mortar structure. However, times have changed as more services have become digital. It is for this reason that entrepreneurs are encouraged to develop superb websites.

In this platform, it is quite easy to maintain a good rapport with the end user. This entails retrieving feedback on the services and products offered. So you can interact with them and provide vital responses to the queries asked. Additionally, there is no limitation on the time of activity. By automating the services on the website, clients are guaranteed of round the clock services.

Also under user engagement, the blog or site owner can keep customers posted at all times. For instance, if new price charges are introduced then customers are among the first to know.

Resourceful in marketing and advertising

For startups, having products and services out there is fundamental in achieving success. That said, marketing strategies come in handy in selling the brand. Compared to tactics such as the use of main media and billboards, website development is pocket-friendly.

It is through this online platform that a company can display all relevant information. This includes; products/services offered, location, pricing, reputation, contacts among others. The webmaster can conveniently post attractive offers on the website.

Interestingly, it is easier to update amazing discounts and offers on the website. So there is no downtime in waiting for the advertisement to be put up. The same case applies when the company wishes to pull down a blog post or advert.

Moreover, the business venture can work with a given figure. What does this mean? Essentially, through SEO the business can know where to place more emphasis. Additionally, the website provides up-to-date information on the latest advertisement in the market.

Streamlining the brand

When introducing a website for the company, it is crucial that the brand name be consistent. It is through website development and web design that this is accomplished. Here, the webmaster will create a singular brand name that will be featured on all the search engines. So there is no variation regardless of whether the site is on Bing or Google.

Furthermore, the brand logo and name is similar throughout. This reduces the chances of confusion with other competitive brands. This also trickles down to the issue of consistency. It is anticipated that the company maintains a constant tracking of their users.

In case of rebranding, the webmaster should ensure that the due procedure is followed. Once this is considered, then the search engines will automatically update the records. So, once customers search for the brand gets to access the right item.

Another way to look at this is that the website can aid to inform clients of changes. As the company employs other techniques such as social media, the website can also chip in. Here, the webmaster can even tease the readers of a new look before launch. All in all, these changes can be implemented all through.


Boost Your Business with a Tailored Web-based Solution

Dot Com Infoway provides enterprise, native and custom web application development services to ensure that your business applications are developed, maintained and managed within optimal costs.

How Website Development and Web Design Helps Enterprises to Make Profits

1.Saving on costs

Unfortunately, many startup and major company fail in their venture due to low profits. This is despite having great expectation of the investment made. Part of the failure is attributed to engagement of poor business tactics such as negligence of web services.

It should be known that website development and design is affordable. By properly structuring the content, the webmaster saves a lot of cost during web development. The cost saving aspect extends to the futuristic gains the website will bring to the business.

Furthermore, the website reduces the distance covered to reach out to the customers. If one was to physically talk to potential customers then it would be resource intensive. It is here that web services come in. Moreover, cutting such extra costs means that the business is accruing more profit.

2.Allowing ads on the website

Business owners must have come across the many ads been broadcasted on various website. Well, this is one of the intriguing ways a business venture can attract more profit. Basically, the company will be approached by other enterprises to have their ads run on the website.

As part of marketing and advertising, the host website will charge a certain amount to have the advert. Subsequently, it is important to come up with a unique and renowned website. By focusing on this, the webmaster gets to place the website on the limelight.
The big winners here are those whose website attracts more enterprises and ads.


As stipulated before, precuts and services have shifted from the stores to online platforms. One of the profound online venues is the website.

Let’s take the example of Amazon, managed to contribute to 44 percent of the total e-commerce sales in the United States. Moreover, Statista highlighted that the company has managed to make $108.35 million in 2017.


After the in-depth elaboration of the importance of a website, certain aspects come out clear. The first one is that business enterprises should endeavor to develop and design a custom website. Secondly, it is crucial to put the best foot forward. So it is anticipated that the website or blog meets and surpasses the guidelines.

Having said this, it is up to the webmaster to make that broad move and develop a website.

5 Reasons Why Web Development Is Still Important

Contrary to what some may believe, web development is still an extremely vital part of any marketing strategy. A common belief today is that social media platforms have replaced the need for a conventional website but that simply is not the case.

It’s true that in recent years there has been a shift toward online interactions with social media sites, mobile devices and apps topping the charts. As a result, the way people access the web to shop, chat and find information has also changed dramatically. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to adapt their web presence to stay in front of their consumers.

So with all the digital and social advancements, why is web development still important? These 5 reasons outline why your website is key to building a successful online presence for your business.

  1. Maintaining Ownership

It’s critical to protect your brand identity by owning your web address and website. This will avoid surrendering control of your brand to a third party website and their ads. Remember, owning your own domain name and using a reputable host company is just as important as choosing the domain name itself. Owning your domain name is vital to your business, brand and online presence. Not only does it build your brand, it also makes people more likely to engage with your website.

  1. Control Your Content With Good Web Development

The old adage that “Content is King” still rings true to this day, possibly even more than before. How you present your content is just as important. Make sure content is original, relevant and interesting to effectively get your message across. With good web development, you control the user experience, manage content relevancy and your conversion process.

Good content is what sets your website apart from everyone else and delivers the right message to your customers. Website content always begins with proper market research where you identify your high-value customers (HVC). From there you can start defining personas for your website.

  1. Create a Content Hub

It’s no secret that blogs are fundamental to your digital marketing strategy and should be the focal point for all your content marketing activities. Use your social media presence as a means to engage your audience and ultimately bring visitors to your website.

Your company blog will also increase the number of relevant inbound links that send readers to the main parts of your website. This, along with SEO, will increase traffic and the duration of each visit to your site.

web development

  1. Attracting Search Traffic

Good web development means a fully optimised website which plays a vital role in attracting valuable search engine traffic. Consumers are essentially still looking for information by using keyword searches in Google and other search engines. Implementing the right keywords and topics on your website will significantly help visitors find your site.

Website traffic is an important indicator and driver of business growth and really helps you to:

  • Determine ROI to see how well your marketing is working
  • Gather insight into your audience to make informed decisions
  • Improve your SEO and search engine credibility
  • Generate more leads, increase conversions, and get more customers overall

There are many SEO tactics you can perform on every page of your website to increase their search engine rankings and get more visitors. Take a look at one of our recent blog posts on Adaptive SEO Best Practice For Top Google Rankings.

  1. Monitor, Tweak and Improve

Effective web development gives you the ability to accurately analyse website statistics. It includes measuring conversion rates, monitoring backlinks and assessing visitor engagement, all of which are essential to improve all your online marketing activities. The goal is to ultimately achieve a return on your web investment and integrating Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and a CMS will certainly help.

If you are serious about digital marketing and truly want to achieve success, don’t neglect your business website; it’s your most valuable online asset. Just take a look at the recent WMA Awards where WSI’s website was among the winning submissions.

Get in touch if you need help improving your website or if you have a new web development project in mind. We provide digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, Marketing AutomationAdaptive Web Design, Social Media and Email Marketing among others.

7 Reasons Why Web Development Is Important for All Types of Businesses

You will hardly argue that presence on the Internet is important for all types of businesses. Benefits of having a website are obvious, yet some companies don’t invest in website design at all. Why should a business, omitting using web development services, begin doing so? Let’s look at 7 reasons why web development is important to all types of businesses.

My Company Needs a Website… Does It?

First, there is a little-known and even less understood fact: being online does not necessarily mean having a professional website, which is a combination of domain name, hosting package and a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla (or a custom-made website design). Sometimes all you need is a landing page or a social network group.

Rudy Mendoza, from Jewelry Sales & Design, decided to terminate using his decade-old website with multiple pages and opted for a simple landing page, hosted by Yelp.com. He said the company cut their paid promotion expenses from around $20,000 annually to one-time $3,000 landing page package and had the money back in a couple of months, as the new page had thousands of hits and delivered hundreds of calls.

Avoiding Spending Too Much on Web Development Services

When we talk of small businesses online, we often talk about developer start-ups. The best way for them to gain an audience is hosting their projects on GitHub, where they can easily collaborate with bigger companies and sell ideas, services or ready code. For instance, there’re a lot of projects on GitHub, offering a valuable improvement of the SSL protection (secure data storage, messaging and sessions) for mobile and desktop software as mobile and desktop app development is steadily growing in popularity.

Another popular kind of small online businesses is the reseller hosting. Many entrepreneurs enter this path, yet their budgets are too tight and they cannot afford full-scale web development services. Such companies opt for a place on free hosting boards, where they can deploy their offers and try to find their first customers.

Many small businesses like cafés or pizzerias (and many larger ones) advertise through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr, etc. It’s a free and efficient channel of promotion if done right.

As you can see, there are ways to promote without investing heavily into a web presence. However, having your own website is much more beneficial, and here are 7 reasons why your business should eventually move to owning a website:

1. Full Design Control

Your company may change or adjust the range of products you provide, pricing policy (holiday discounts, etc.) or even company structure, which you need to reflect on your page. Owning a website allows much more detailed customizations, as compared to using a landing page.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

Having a website allows adding a favicon to the page, creating RSS-feed to keep your audience tuned on latest updates, using comments to gather valuable customer feedback and replying to it, posting links to your site at forums and blogs. Many additional tools allow increasing brand awareness and customer pool.

3. Saving Money on Advertising

Instead of paying for expensive offline and online ads, you can invest into SEO-promotion of your own page, which brings lasting results, as the funds you spend to promote your own page are the funds well spent. However, please do not mistake paid traffic Rudy Mendoza mentioned with investment into high-quality content, responsive website design, market trends analysis and well-thought special offers.

4. Saving Time on Asking Questions

Whenever your customers need to know something about your business, having a contact form, a live chat, an option to comment or a phone number is a step towards them, which increases a possibility of sealing the deal.

5. Confirming Your Credibility

Everybody understands that building a professional website involves some serious investment, which most likely means the company is not going to disappear the next day, so the customers are more prone to order from you.

6. Referral Programs and Discounts

Having your own page allows implementing a referral program or issuing discounts to your customers through the billing system. This is a feature free ad boards and social network groups cannot provide.

7. Your Website Works 247

Ticket system allows accepting and invoicing orders even if you aren’t in the office, meaning that the website can earn money while you sleep.

As you can see, while your business may do well without owning a website, having one greatly increases your chances of success. What is your opinion on this? Do you have some story or personal experience to tell? Please, share in the comments below!

Why Is Website Development so Important?

As human beings, we pride ourselves on our superb adaptation skills and ability to change with the times. Stemming from this, when the social world shifted from a place of interpersonal connections to internet connections, so did the world of business. There’s no getting around it; our digitally-driven lifestyle has given us little choice but to adapt to technology, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get a move on. It’s a no-brainer; website development is now essential to you as a business person. For your business to generate more business, your voice needs to be heard, your brand needs to be seen, and your goals need to be reached. Website development is the key to making those things happen. The same way an eye is the window to the soul, a website is the window to the business, giving customers a taste of what you have to offer and enticing them to delve deeper for more.

We are simple creatures in that we like convenience, and there’s nothing more convenient than accessing a whole host of information by simply clicking a button, which is what millions of people do when they go online every day. If your product can’t be found on the other side of that click, you’ve already lost access to those millions of people, and your company effectively doesn’t exist. In conjunction with this, establishing a strong web presence as a business while reaching millions of internet surfers who might become potential clients will elevate your product to a universally compatible entity, even if the service you provide is physically localized to a specific place. So what kind of information is valuable to showcase on your website, in order to leave a maximal impact?

Website development is a way to make people aware of the services and/or products you are offering, understand why your products are relevant and even necessary for them to buy or use, and see which of your company’s qualities set it apart from competitors. Displaying this information with high-quality images and thought-out presentation will have a large influence on customers, and it is important to strive towards making your product as relatable and appealing as possible. Additionally, with website development you can:


1. Communicate with your visitors effectively. Interacting with your audience is vital when it comes to generating more business. It is viable to make a website that enables you to get in touch with your customers and prospects, and you can produce valuable content for the audience associated with the industry or business you’re in. Afterwards, post the content on your blog, share it on social media networks and respond to customers’ comments and feedback promptly. This will show your clients the extent to which you’re concerned about their satisfaction and responsive to their needs.


2. Improve your connectivity. A website will facilitate things like expanding your reach and attracting more visitors to your business. Planning to make a responsive website design for your site will help make it accessible to an extensive range of users spanning several devices, such as tablets or smartphones. This will increase both your site’s exposure and organic traffic.


3. Prove your reliability. A website offers a straightforward method of showing the credibility of a business, and the way a person represents his business online is vital for attracting more customers or visitors. Therefore, your website design should be handled in the best possible way, because a professional presentation speaks volumes as testimony to your business. With the help of website development, you can add your skills, credentials, experience, expertise and more in a single place. These details help you earn the trust and confidence of your visitors and serve as a reference point for customers interested in your business, making it easy for you to produce leads.


To sum up, it’s pretty clear that website development plays a big role in successful business marketing. Without it, it would be very difficult to leave your mark on a global level. So make life easier for yourself! Start adapting, develop a website, and get ready to collect the benefits of your success.