Evaluating The Top 30 Virtual Assistant Companies of 2020

There are several benefits to using a virtual assistant. These benefits include significantly reducing your labor costs, being able to get help 24/7, the ability to outsource tasks to a seasoned professional, access to a wide set of skills that you and/or your teammates might not possess, the option of getting help with a project the second you need it, and more.

It’s no secret that hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to affordably delegate tasks that could end up sucking up all your time, but you may be wondering where you should go to hire a virtual assistant. Here is a review of the top virtual assistant companies available to you. You can pick a virtual assistant company from this list that best suits your needs.

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The best virtual assistant companies
Hello Rache
24/7 Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant Talent
Elite VA
and more

Below is the full list of companies. You can click on any of the companies to jump right into it:

MyOutDesk WoodBows BELAY
Prialto Worldwide101 UAssist.Me
24/7 Virtual Assistant Premier Veba Time Etc
Virtual Employee MyTasker Arup Virtual Assistant
Surplus Hands GetFriday Virtual Assist USA
Virtual Assistant Talent Magic 20Four7VA
AVirtual Outsource Workers Hello Rache
Priority VA Elite VA Duext
Ossisto bizee.co Virtual Latinos
European Virtual Assistant Virtalent TaskBullet
Time Doctor


WoodBows is one of the best virtual assistant service companies in the USA. They help entrepreneurs, business owners and real estate agents to save time and money. Over 98% of their clients hire them again which itself speaks for their quality. They offer 200% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with their services.

WoodBows is a top player in the virtual assistant service industry because of the following reasons:

They hire only the top 1% of the virtual assistant applications they receive.
Their 10+ years of experienced virtual assistants are known for rolling up their sleeves and get dirty working with your project to make your project profitable.
WoodBows provide reliable virtual assistants who will be working from their well supervised environment in USA, and Philippines.
Their services include a dedicated account manager, daily status update, 24/7 phone or email support. It is like having your own employee in just a click away.
The beauty of hiring talents from them is, you don’t need to hire separate talents for customer support, website maintenance, social media maintenance, online marketing, lead generation, cold calling, personal assistants for clients follow up, CRM management as your dedicated virtual assistant will do all of them.
Over 1000+ clients have been profited out of their services with a whopping 98% of repetitive customers rate.
Since their virtual assistants have been helping entrepreneurs, real estate agents and business owners with improving their sales and saving time for 10+ years, they need little to no training from your side
They also provide you a dedicated account manager who will manage your virtual assistant on your behalf, tracking the status of the work and reporting it to you on a daily basis. Your dedicated account manager will always be available on the phone too.
They have a transparent pricing system. The rate starts from $8.99/hour for the Philippines based Virtual assistants and $25/hour for US-based virtual assistants. No hidden charges or setup fee. You can see their pricing here.

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Founded in 2008, MyOutDesk is the largest, most trusted & reputable provider of virtual staffing in the real estate industry – having served over 6,000+ clients including corporate giants such as Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, along with half of the top-10 RealTrends™ teams.

Here’s what makes them standout:

As a longstanding member of the real estate community, their reputation is built on quality and a stringent talent-matching process including an FBI-grade background check & comprehensive candidate vetting process that’s unmatched by any other outsourcing provider.
They hire and endorse only 2.2% of all VA applicants to their clients, and provide the highest levels of legal protection & data-security.
They have hundreds of 5-star client reviews and solid, long-term relationships with the biggest names in the industry.
MyOutDesk generates over $100 million dollars in combined cost-savings & revenue growth for it’s clients every single year.
Recommended by coaches like Bob Corcoran & Tom Ferry.
Simply put, they help real estate’s top leaders offload tedious & mundane tasks for 60% less than the cost of a full-time employee, letting them focus on building their business & growing their revenue.

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BELAY is another one of the top virtual assistant companies. When you hire a virtual assistant from BELAY, you can expect top-tier professionals that will integrate with your team easily.

Here are some of BELAY’s top benefits:

BELAY touts that their acceptance rate is lower than Harvard’s acceptance rate, which means you are getting the best service from qualified virtual assistants.
BELAY will scour through their personal assistants and review your needs, requirements, and desires to match you up with the perfect fit.
They work with you to ensure your success.
Every client is assigned a relationship manager in addition to a VA to act as a go-to for everything related to your VA and his or her performance.
They are diversified in their services offering help with: travel arrangements, marketing support, calendar management, project research, social media, data presentations, mission critical recurring tasks, first impressions and voicemail, C-level support, and more.
They currently have over 800 clients including Inc. 500, Entire Leadership Podcast, and more.
They also offer help with virtual bookkeeping, content writing, and web maintenance.
BELAY’s pricing varies and it’s best to contact them for a direct quote.

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Prialto is the only US-based virtual assistant company focused on supporting executives. As a managed service provider, Prialto will provide you with a highly trained team of managed, dedicated virtual assistants who will seamlessly adapt to your business goals and preferences.

Working with Prialto gives you a number of strategic benefits, including:

A team-based approach to give you the support of a competent team that includes a project manager, primary assistant, and back-up assistant in addition to an internal managerial cohort.
High touch onboarding services that review your needs, requirements, desires, and goals.
A proactive company culture that provides systematic and well-defined feedback, development coaching, ongoing educational opportunities, and in-depth mentorship to your primary and back-up virtual assistant.
The aptitude and resourcefulness to scale rapidly and better match your business needs to your costs.
The ability to manage high-value tasks such as prospect development and lead generation, CRM data entry and maintenance, travel arrangements, scheduling, expense reporting, document preparation, email management, incoming and outgoing calls, and so much more.
Access to well-documented insights that will elevate your underused or non-existent systems, processes, and internal technology solutions.
Highly specialized, educated, English speaking virtual assistants who are experienced with the tools and processes needed to support your business.
A half million collective support hours managing executive workflows at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.
Secure support available during your local business hours
With Prialto, you pay a flat rate for your dedicated virtual assistant and accompanying team. There are never any added fees or hidden costs associated with your service. You can view flat rate pricing information here.

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Worldwide101 is one of the top virtual assistant companies. They focus on producing virtual assistants that are skilled, reliable, and of the highest quality. This means when you hire from Worldwide101, you can expect top-notch service.

Some of the top benefits of Worldwide101 include:

They only hire seasoned marketing, administrative, and project management professionals.
The ability to meet your virtual assistant (VA) before you hire them.
The train a back-up, so you have round-the-clock access to your virtual assistant.
You get a client dashboard to keep track of your VA’s time.
You can integrate your VA into your team by assigning them a company email address.
They offer services in multiple languages.
They provide onboarding services to make sure the transition is smooth.
The services are scalable.
They also offer help from designers and web developers.
Pricing for a virtual assistant from Worldwide101 varies depending on the hourly plan you choose. You can see all pricing here.

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UAssist.Me is a thriving virtual assistant company with mentions in 30Under30, CNN, empact 100, and more. They offer help from highly skilled assistants that specialize in administrative and clerical work for several industries.

The top benefits of UAssist.Me include:

Help from virtual assistants that specialize in specific industries including: design, consultancy, technology, real estate, web development, advertising, personal assistance, and more.
You pick a plan that best suits your needs and they are transparent about pricing and services offered.
Your personal assistant has a fully-equipped work station.
You can select the amount of hours your virtual assistant is available and only pay for what you use.
You can select a plan that offers a back-up assistant.
You get unlimited US calls.
Confidentiality is strictly managed.
They also offer help with social media and web design.
One of the top benefits of UAssist.Me is they offer 100% transparency with their pricing. Their plans range from 20 hours per month for $299/month to a full-time assistant for $1499/month. With UAssist.Me, what you see is what you get in terms of services and prices. In the event you go over your dedicated hours, one of their customer service representatives will contact you and let you know about options to upgrade your plan. While this may seem expensive upon first glance, it’s much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to come into your office each day.

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24/7 Virtual Assistant
24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a cool company if you are looking for a virtual assistant that extends beyond offering professional services. For example, you can count on your virtual assistant to also help with things like online shopping and other personal tasks that you just don’t have time for each day. They are also quite comprehensive when it comes to offering professional services.

Here are some of the top benefits of 24/7 Virtual Assistant:

They offer administrative support including sorting and filing, photocopying and collating, record keeping, running errands, word processing, scheduling, and more.
They provide help with customer service when you need them to including live support.
If you need a bookkeeper, you can expect your assistant to help you with Quickbooks, Quicken, Freshbooks, and other top bookkeeping services.
They provide help with data mining.
Virtual assistants are trained to take on the basics of email marketing including list development.
If you need someone to help with HR tasks, 24/7 Virtual Assistant has got you covered.
They also provide help with web development and web research as needed.
24/7 Virtual Assistant is also transparent about their pricing. They offer several plans and you can select one of the following plans based on your needs:

$15/hour – pay hourly
$299 Entrepreneur Plan – 30 hours/month
$499 Professional Plan – 60 hours/month
$799 Executive Plan – 120 hours/month
$999 VIP Plan – 160 hours/month
As you can see, the bigger the plan you pay for, the more you save on the hourly rate. If you plan on using a full-time virtual assistant, the $999 VIP Plan could help you save big.

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Premier Veba
Premier Veba

Premier Veba works to provide comprehensive help with business services. These services are divided up into three expert teams: Executive, Creative, and Technical.

Here are some of the top benefits of Premier Veba:

The Executive Team specializes in business services that are vital to the success of your business including help with finances, management, and office associates.
The Creative Team makes sure the creative side of your business is up to par by providing services from designers, artists, illustrators, writers, editors, audio technicians, and more.
The Technical Team is made up of professionals that focus on operating systems, big data, analytics, and more.
You get a free consultation before you sign up for their services.
They have a robust giving back program designed to help charities and nonprofit organizations succeed as well as businesses.
They recognize that every business is unique and cater to your individual needs.
They make sure all sensitive information is secure.
For pricing, contact Premier Veba directly.

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Time Etc
Time Etc

Time Etc has been around for 10 years, and they proudly boast they have already completed over 1 million tasks so far. This goes a long way in saying something about high quality and in-demand work. To their credibility, they are also featured in Forbes, Telegraph, The Guardian, and more.

The top benefits of Time Etc include:

They focus on helping entrepreneurs.
You pay when they are working and only when they are working.
You have access to hundreds of US workers.
Each employee goes through a rigorous selection process to verify skill.
There is a money back guarantee on every project.
You can automate all of your tasks with triggers.
You get free and unlimited phone calls and screen sharing with your team.
You can build a team of experts from the Time Etc community.
You get a dedicated account manager.
Used by companies like Google, Skype, Marriott, Nissan, and more.
It’s a UK and US based company.
They offer a free trial before you commit.
To learn about pricing contact Time Etc directly or sign up for their free trial.

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Virtual Employee
Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is another excellent option if you are looking for a virtual assistant company. Their main selling point is how easy they make finding the right employee as well as making it reliable and cheap.

Here are some of the top benefits of Virtual Employee:

You can get instant access to highly qualified virtual assistants.
If you need to scale down, you can easily do so by offering just 5/15/30 days notice.
With Virtual Employee, you don’t have to worry about labor laws, taxes, insurance, worker’s comp, or any other liability issues.
You don’t have to manage your employees. Rather you hire someone to run with a task from inception to completion.
You can save up to 72% on costs in any domain.
They offer help with IT outsourcing, mobile apps development, sales, internet marketing, content writing, graphics and web design, engineering and architecture, data entry, and multimedia and animation.
All staffing is handled by one convenient solution.
The process is easy and includes briefing the company on your needs, selecting the best resumes, choosing your team, and getting the ball rolling.
The process is 100% risk-free as they include a 100% money-back guarantee.
They offer a free trial.
Security measures are robust.
The pricing for virtual assistant services range from $995-$1995/month. It’s best to contact Virtual Employee directly for more details.

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MyTasker understands how busy entrepreneurs and business owners can get, and that’s why the focus on providing you with excellent virtual assistant services. MyTasker works with companies across the globe and focuses on helping you more easily and affordably grow your business.

The top benefits of MyTasker include:

They provide a wide range of virtual assistant services including varying plans and pricing.
Their basic virtual assistant services include telemarketing, web research, transcription services, content writing, classified postings, and more.
The associates at MyTasker will stay in touch with you once a project begins and report on important milestones.
They also focus on web design services to meet your web development needs.
Online marketing is another priority for businesses, and so they offer expert SEO services.
You can also outsource your digital marketing to MyTasker.
The pricing for MyTasker varies depends on how many hours and how many months you commit to use the services. Here are more details of their pricing.

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Arup Virtual Assistant
Call Arup Virtual Assistant

Arup Virtual Assistant is the best hands you can get to handle your routine office chores so that you can focus on the areas of your core competencies. With Arup, you will get a dedicated virtual assistant on a pay-as-you-go terms.

Their excellent work and prompt service makes them stand out from the rest. They specialize in providing business services like admin support, research, marketing, designing and many more. By engaging Arup Virtual Assistant, you stand to gain the following:

Enjoy the service of one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.
Get a dedicated virtual assistance to attend to you.
Get experts working on your daily admin tasks, marketing support, research, social media management, eCommerce support, digital marketing and even more.
No monthly charges neither is the recurring fees. You will be charged on the more convenient pay as you go basis. No task, no pay.
A flat rate of $6/Hour.
One-hour free trial before you actually hire them.
A client dashboard through which you keep track of your dedicated virtual assistant’s time.

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Surplus Hands

Surplus Hands started operations in 2015 and has been growing exponentially since their short time in the virtual assistance space. With their company target to become the one stop solution for all your business needs, they provide a wide variety of services, such as Virtual Assistants, Web Design and Digital Marketing. Although they can’t boast years and years of experience, they can ensure that their teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and they are keen to proving themselves in this industry.

Some of the top benefits of Surplus Hands include:

They offer different teams within the agency to specialize in different areas of business.
No employee hassle
Affordable US-based Virtual Assistants
1 Hour Free Trial
Back-up VA
Flexible hours, pay for what you need
Add extra users for free
100% money back guarantee
Surplus Hands is also another company that is very transparent with their pricing. They offer several plans and can build one to suit your needs:

$23 – Pay Hourly
$97 – 5 hrs/Month
$229 – 12 hrs/Month
$449 – 15 hrs/Month
$799 – 45 hrs/Month
As you can see here as well, the bigger the plan, the more you save. Choosing their largest will yield a US based VA for about 18 dollars an hour, which comes with a back up VA and rollover hours.

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GetFriday is one of the leading virtual assistant companies that serve busy individuals, C-level executives, digital nomads, startups and small businesses across the globe.

They assist in basic personal tasks like travel planning, flight booking, email management and high level projects like managing the complete operations of small businesses like email and chat support, order processing, logistics etc.

They also provide specialized services like accounting, website designing, development and digital marketing making them a one stop solution for several personal and business needs.

Here are some reasons to choose GetFriday:

They provide you assistants who are solution providers rather than task masters.
They have 11 years of experience handling 14000+ clients in 30 industries.
They provide 24/7 support with reliable and experienced graduates and project leads.
Backup assistants are available to take care of needs in the primary assistant’s absence.
They have high end security system and NDA’s signed to ensure safety of information.
Their prices are highly competitive.
Check out the pricing for ongoing projects here and sign up now and try out 7 business day trial without any hidden charges.

If you are looking for one time projects, post your enquiries here. The support team would get in touch with you in one business day and provide the quote.

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Virtual Assist USA
Virtual Assist USA

As the first, longest-standing All-American virtual assistant team, Virtual Assist USA provides remote, skilled team members in 100s of disciplines. With their proprietary matching process & client monitoring dashboard, they blend the efficiencies of technology with the customization of personal service to stand out amongst the rest.

Just a few benefits of working with the Virtual Assist USA team:

A large team with trained assistants in the event that your main assistant is sick or on vacation – so you never experience service interruption
Federal government-level cyber security
Hours rollover month-to-month and never expire (so you never lose time that you purchased)
No monthly minimums or commitments
All assistants have at least a Bachelor’s degree & 10 years of experience in the field
All-American team with competitive US-rates and savings plans
Quick-start options allow you to have a Virtual Assistant within 1-2 business days.

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Virtual Assistant Talent
Virtual Assistant Talent

Virtual Assistant Talent has been in the business since 2009 providing effective & efficient Virtual Assistants for entrepreneurs, Real Estate Agents/Investors, Small Business Owners, and Start Ups. They aim to provide world-class reliable Virtual Office Assistants to business owners so they can save time and focus on their priorities and achieve work-life balance at the end of the day.

Here are the top benefits of working with Virtual Assistant Talent LLC:

No Obligation Contract. Virtual Assistant Talent never keeps you tied up. They offer a no-obligation contract. No yearly contracts and no bonds to pay for early cancellation.
BBB Accredited. Virtual Assistant Talent, LLC is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company with an A Rating since 2010.
Convenient Payment Plans. Clients can choose from either weekly or monthly invoice plans, whatever your budget allows.
Excellent Customer Service Team. They have a dedicated HR Team & Client Representative to consistently monitor your hired VA for productivity purposes to make sure your hired VA is always on track and on time.
VA Replacement Guarantee. You are backed up by their VA Replacement Guarantee at no extra charge in any case that your hired VA seems not to be a perfect fit for your business.
Attendance Monitoring & Screen Capture Program. They conduct daily attendance monitoring to ensure the VA’s are present and on time during the client’s preferred working schedule.

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Magic is an all-in-one, text-based concierge service that went viral in early 2015. They offer on-demand help with everything from the day to day personal and professional tasks to the occasional seemingly impossible requests.

The top benefits of Magic include:

Instant, on-demand help with anything
No plans or subscriptions required, use only what you need
Get a team of 15 college educated assistants assigned to you
24/7 coverage, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world
Communicate over SMS, email, Telegram, Slack, & an iOS app
Uses Artificial Intelligence to get better the more you use it
You can easily scale amount of labor up as needed
All assistants work in a secure, fully-equipped office
Only pay for time a real human is working, prorated to the minute.
Security and confidentiality is strictly enforced at every level.
One of the top benefits of Magic is their straightforward pricing structure despite having near limitless potential. Their $35/hr service works out to about 58 cents per minute. After signing up for free, you are immediately given a team of 15 problem solvers, providing 24/7 support, who don’t charge you a penny until you actually use them, and then they stop charging immediately once your request is fulfilled.

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20Four7VA recognizes the challenge of effectively managing a business — and they are very eager to help. The company is a virtual assistant (VA) service provider specializing in e-commerce support and remote staffing solutions, and is known for providing top-notch virtual services to clients from all over the world.

Here are the top benefits of hiring a virtual staff from 20Four7VA:

The company discovers the most talented and skilled VAs from all over the world.
They only hire people with the right combination of skills, talents, and attitudes.
20Four7VA offers trainings for their virtual assistants and equip them with the right tools and knowledge so they can get the job done.
The company has their own HR staff meaning clients don’t have to worry about payroll and other HR related concerns.
Every client has an assigned POC (point-of contact) that will mediate and handle all concerns regarding the client’s hired VA.
Their virtual assistants are highly skilled in admin work, eBay and Amazon seller assistance, web development, content writing, and SEO.
20Four7VA is committed to helping clients reach success in the most practical yet cost-effective way. For a fast, free, no obligation quote, call them at +1 (443) 856-4882.

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AVirtual is one of the top virtual assistant companies for the UK and European markets. They are regularly featured in the global business press including the Financial Times, the Times and SUCCESS magazine. They focus on producing virtual personal assistants that are skilled, reliable, and of the highest quality. Past assistants have worked for companies like Deloitte and Morgan Stanley.

Some of the benefits of AVirtual include:

They offer a 5-hour free trial, no credit card or sign up required
All services are provided with a 30-day money back guarantee
They only use full time employees not freelancers meaning
They train a back-up, so you have round-the-clock access to your virtual assistant.
You get a client dashboard to keep track of your VA’s time.
You can integrate your VA into your team by assigning them a company email address.
They offer services in multiple languages including German, Spanish, Italian and French
They provide full technical support via their in-house IT desk making sure your hours aren’t wasted on any IT issues.
The services are scalable, choose from 15 hours to over 500 hours and move up and down packages whenever demand requires
They also offer in-house bookkeepers, designers, web developers, content writers and digital marketing experts. Communicate directly with individual experts or get your virtual assistant to mange you whole virtual team.
Pricing for a virtual assistant from AVirtual varies depending on the hourly plan you choose. Hourly rates start from £12.50. You can see all pricing here.

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Outsource Workers
Outsource Workers

Outsource Workers is Australia’s leading outsourcing company that specializes in Real Estate Virtual Assistants.

Each VA is trained in a wide variety of tasks specifically for the needs of real estate sales people and property managers.

No recruitment costs or hidden fees.
A flat hourly rate from $7 AU per hour.
The ability to interview your VA before you hire.
Each VA goes through a rigorous selection process.
Personalized onboarding process.
Every client is assigned a Team Leader in addition to their VA to act as the go-to for everything related to your VA.
Attendance monitoring and screen capture system with daily attendance monitoring to ensure the VA’s are present and on time.
They only use full time employees not freelancers.
Home based staff and office based staff available.
VA replacement guarantee at no extra charge in case your VA may not to be a perfect fit for your business.
Cancel at any time.
You can easily scale up as required.

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Hello Rache
Hello Rache

Hello Rache is the #1 virtual assistant service for doctors and medical professionals. They offer healthcare-trained virtual assistants that specialize in the healthcare/medical field.

The top benefits of Hello Rache include:

Get instant access to their healthcare virtual assistants and get setup within 1-2 days.
Work with the same healthcare virtual assistant everyday and make them a part of your office.
Their pricing program is the lowest in the industry. Half the cost of anyone you can hire in-office.
Handle various tasks, such as in-room live charting, medical transcription, faxes, email management, referrals, medical records, appointment confirmations, phone calls, and more. If needed, their HVAs can be trained to handle your custom office needs.
Unlike other companies, Hello Rache HVAs (healthcare virtual assistants) must go through an application and interview process before being selected. They ensure that their HVAs have a degree or certificate proving they have had training in a medical profession (ex: registered nurse or trained medical transcriptionist). Their HVAs are also familiar with their recommended EHR software, Practice Fusion, and hold certificates from HIPAA compliance training.
One of the top benefits of Hello Rache is their flat-rate hourly pricing of $9 per hour. With no contracts, no setup fees, and no minimums.

Hello Rache is a US-based company located in Arizona. With their healthcare virtual assistants based out of the Philippines only. It was founded by a doctor, for doctors. They have an extraordinary focus on giving back, location independence, and passion for what they do.

Get started with Hello Rache here.

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Priority VA
Priority VA

Trivinia Barber, founder of Priority VA, helps entrepreneurs build teams they can trust. She does this by highly skilled assistants who “get” the online space and come prepared to deliver massive ROI right out of the gate.

Some of the benefits to working with Priority VA:

They have built a team of 80+ VAs who truly understand how to serve entrepreneurs at a high level.
They take care of the hiring process for you. U.S. Based Virtual Assistants provide a Strengths Assessment, DISC Profile, and any other personality assessments their client requests. Not only that, they also run each applicant through a series of tests along with process background checks.
Priority VA offers training to their team of Virtual Assistants that in turn benefits their clients.
90 Day Year program. When you get started with your VA, they help you establish your first 90 day plan from day one.
Priority VA is relationship based. Rather than outsourcing projects, they operate with an ongoing agreement.
Get started with Priority VA here.

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Elite Virtual Assistants

Elite Virtual Assistants is a boutique virtual assistant firm that specializes in providing high-quality virtual assistants, legal assistants, virtual staffing solutions, digital marketing specialists and web designers. EVA makes it easy to get started and gives top-notch, ongoing customer service from start to finish.

When you work with EVA, you can expect:

High-quality assistants ready to join you and your team.
Time tracking and weekly reporting so you can see progress.
Back up virtual assistants where and when you need them.
An onboarding process to outline goals and objectives with your new VA.
A dedicated customer relationship manager who is with you every step of the way.
The ability to interview and hand-pick your VA from our team.
Simple pricing with no hidden fees.
The peace of mind that comes from working with an agency.
For more information and details on their services or to schedule your free 30-minute call and see how easy it is to get started with EVA, visit their website here.

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Duext is an outsourcing company with offices in the Philippines with many employees around the world and headquartered in New York. They specialize in recruiting, training, and overseeing daily operations of highly qualified outsource representatives. Having been in business since 2012, Duext has helped over a hundred businesses secure long term outsourced employees for positions like:

Complex Graphic Design
Data Entry
Product Listing
Keyword Research and Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Office and Admin support
and much much more.
They take the time to analyze the clients needs and put out specific recruiters to look for this type of niche talent. Onboarding is done properly and can even last a lifetime. They specialize in servicing small to medium size clients that are outsourcing for the first time. Personal relationship with the clients is given a lot of value.

Get started with DuExt here.

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Ossisto is one of its kind virtual assistance service provider that can give unparalleled services for your business.

Here are a few of Ossisto’s top benefits:

The team at Ossisto is a group of young and dynamic professionals who can strategically deal with projects and create comprehensive solutions.
They provide services for all kinds of businesses from startups to huge businesses.
Their 24/7 assistance around the globe create hassle free reliability on the virtual assistants.
Services provided by Ossisto are affordable and it helps in realigning the budget.
The enterprises can totally entrust their projects with the virtual assistants at Ossisto, as the company maintains complete confidentiality of information.
They have got a huge clientele base with big brand names.
For pricing and other service details, run through their contact page and get in touch with them.

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bizee.co is a UK company offering skilled marketing assistants, property assistants, e-commerce and customer support assistants, led by strong team leaders with +5 years of expertise in digital marketing and business growth.

Here are some of the top benefits of working with bizee.co:

They have skilled assistants for e-commerce, social media & marketing and the serviced accommodation sector.
Their packages offer concrete deliverables rather than simply “selling time”.
They offer a high-level onboarding experience including free consultation, help emails and ongoing advice on delegating.
They can provide dedicated VA(s) to ensure increased efficiency over time.
You get an Account Manager as well as helpful resources such as videos and downloads.
They ensure a high level of security with regards to information.
They have flexible pricing plans to suit your needs and you are not tied into a long-term contract.
They also provide added services such as Web Design, SEO and Video Editing.
Find out more about their pricing plans here.

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Virtual Latinos
virtual latinos

Founded in the US in 2018, Virtual Latinos is the first community focused on connecting entrepreneurs, teams and agencies from the US, Canada, and the world with hand-picked bilingual virtual assistants and marketers from Latin America. Including VAs from Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Top benefits of hiring your next virtual assistant through Virtual Latinos:

Hire on your own using their Directory – No middle man, no mark-ups; or hire through their Agency – where hiring experts hand-pick a perfect assistant for your needs
If you’re in the US, VAs work and live in your timezone, as they’re all from Latin America and live day and night just like you. There’s never more than a 3 hour time difference with the US
All applicants go through a comprehensive multi-step vetting process, including English tests, a thorough application form, and interviews. Admitting only about 10%
The top 2-3% of applicants are invited to join their digital marketing training and certifications program. Certifications require studying 8-10 hours per course, passing several tests, and passing a timed web-based final exam
About 95% of assistants have earned a 4-year university degree
40-75% less expensive than virtual assistants in the US, and 30-50% less expensive than freelance marketers or in-house employees in the US
Access to their virtual assistants Directory starts at $49/mo (VAs hourly rates vary, but start at $5/hr), or hire through their Agency starting at 40 hours for $400/month ($10/hr)
Verbal and written proficiency in English and Spanish
In short, Virtual Latinos help businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders to focus on growing their business and revenue, and offloading repetitive or time-consuming tasks to their VA. Latino VAs have a much better understanding of American culture, better English accents and many have also lived or studied in the US.

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European Virtual Assistant
european virtual assistant

European Virtual Assistant (EVA) offers exceptional services from dedicated (Executive) Virtual Assistants following Swiss standards.

The company was founded in Switzerland in 2014 with a vision to design a service for European businesses, providing multilingual (English, German, French, Italian, Greek and Russian) administrative support and marketing services not only for start-ups, but also larger multinational companies.

Among the top benefits of EVA are:

Their team consists of multilingual, culturally-astute, experienced and trained european talents. For continuous development each EVA needs to spend 1 day per month for formal training and development
The agency offers flexible customized packages, so that one can get top quality at reasonable pricing. EVA will also organize holiday coverage within their team
European Virtual Assistant is a trusted partner for busy entrepreneurs, market-entries, startups, SMEs and large corporations, as well as for expats and individuals not only in Switzerland, but throughout Europe
If you require to reduce FTEs, but still have some budget for a contractual agreement or cover a maternity leave, EVA can support you in due time
EVA is in the forefront of modern technologies and can also support to improve online presence (web-development, web-design, SEO, PPC, SMM)
EVA services are available starting from $9.30 per hour with monthly packages starting from $289 for basic services. Pricing is built on language requirements, contract duration and working hours.

European Virtual Assistant regularly runs compelling special offers for new clients – make sure you do not miss one!

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Virtalent is the fastest-growing Virtual Assistant company in the UK and prides itself on the value for money it offers customers.

The service is designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Benefit from a highly experienced Virtual Assistant based in the UK. VAs at Virtalent have an average 15 years’ relevant professional experience before joining the team, which exceeds the industry standard by far. Many of their team have also worked for big name companies like Sky, BBC, KPMG and more.
All VAs must pass through a rigorous selection process (less than 2% are successful!)
You get a dedicated Client Success Manager – they provide support and proactively guide you on using the service. They’ll also arrange holiday cover whenever needed!
A flexible monthly subscription where unused hours are rolled over automatically. Cancel or switch plans at any time.
Prices are less than the UK average for a Virtual Assistant and plans start at just 10 hours per month.
Clients get access to a portal where they can monitor time logged by their VA.
All work is done in a 100% confident and 100% secure way. All VAs also have G Suite email addresses, making it super easy to work remotely together!

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TaskBullet was founded in 2013 and has quickly become a leader in the virtual assistant industry. Owned and operated in the United States with the staff based in the Philippines. TaskBullet’s revolutionary Bucket System with no monthly bills, contracts or fees offers incredible value, accountability, and true flexibility.

Every TaskBullet client is assigned a dedicated project manager who oversees and manages their account and VAs; making sure the VA is working, deadlines are kept and quality is met.
TaskBullet recruits highly specialized industry-leading virtual assistants who speak excellent English.
VAs receive ongoing training in soft skills, time management, communication, and more.
Personalized onboarding process that assesses the specific needs and goals of the client.
TaskBullet utilizes a team of VAs to meet the needs of the client. A large or small team can be assigned to a client with all the VAs pulling from the same Bucket of Hours.
TaskBullet offers an industry-leading 60-day money-back guarantee.
Hours in the bucket are good for 90 days.
The TaskBullet VAs and project managers work the business hours of the client, so they are available and working when the client is.
The TaskBullet Bucket System

TaskBullet clients purchase a Bucket of Hours that the VA will pull from while they are actively working on their tasks. When the bucket is empty, the client simply purchases another bucket of hours and continues on: upgrade, downgrade, or take a break, TaskBullet offers true flexibility with no contracts.

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Time Doctor
Time Doctor

Now let’s say you already have remote employees in mind that you want to work with, but they aren’t part of one of these top virtual assistant companies. Many businesses want to hire the remote workers they already like to work with, but still need a way to monitor their time and pay them in a reliable way. This is where time tracking for agencies with a software like Time Doctor comes in handy.

Time Doctor works to help companies that have virtual helpers in several different locations be able to easily collaborate with each other.

Here are some of the top benefits of Time Doctor:

You can improve productivity with this top-of-the-line time management tool.
Time Doctor gives you insights into exactly how your virtual employees are spending their time.
You can easily monitor time spent in different meetings.
Not only can you track time, but you can pull reports, detailed time sheets, and more.
If you are interested in how much time your employees are spending on different web applications, Time Doctor will tell you.
Time Doctor includes a payroll module to streamline your payment processes.
They offer 32+ integrations to make collaboration and ongoing work easier.
To learn about pricing for Time Doctor, get a demo today.

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There are several virtual assistant companies that will help you with administrative, marketing, and technical needs. You can either select a virtual assistant company that will provide you with a highly trained individual, or if you already have remote workers you like working with, but need some software to streamline your processes, you can opt for a virtual assistant software like Time Doctor

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