How to Become a Virtual Assistant with no Experience

What if… you could be a virtual assistant? Imagine if you could become a personal assistant while working from your laptop at home. Do you have what it takes to become a good virtual assistant?

If you are wondering how to become a virtual assistant (also known as a VA), you’re going to love this interview with Rebecca West. She is a Pinterest virtual assistant (because – yes, it’s a thing!) and she is sharing her story with us!

Becoming a virtual assistant is a great option if you want to start working online and if you already have knowledge and skills to market. I personally started my freelancer journey as a virtual assistant too. Having a blog was giving me a lot of knowledge and many contacts in the blogging industry. So, when I decided to start working full-time from my laptop, I managed to land my first clients as a freelancer using my network.

Before we start, let’s see what is the job description of a virtual assistant. We’ll talk about the tasks that a VA can do and the steps to become a virtual assistant.

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How to Become a Virtual Assistant
Interview with Rebecca, a Pinterest virtual assistant
Q&A – All About Virtual Assistance
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How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Great news! You don’t need a lot of experience to become a great virtual assistant! All VAs start with no experience, you just need to be keen on learning new things and be disciplined!


The job description of a virtual assistant

Virtual assistance is basically helping someone else with different tasks in a virtual way, which means you don’t need to physically be around your boss to get the job done! A virtual assistant can do any kind of online support from administrative tasks to marketing, from social media managing to email marketing.

In other words, you can do different tasks depending on your client’s needs as well as your own skills.

Some VAs offer special services in which they are experts in. This is great once you have more experience and you wish to increase your rates. For example, you could hire a virtual assistant for all the things you do not want to do for your business or hire a virtual assistant that specialized in something specific like email marketing or social media managing.


What job can a virtual assistant do?

Basically anything! Here are some examples of tasks and services that can be done by a virtual assistant.

➤ Email marketing/management

➤ Social media managing/marketing

➤ Advertising

➤ Marketing Outreach


➤ Following up with customers/live support

➤ Graphic designs

➤ and more!


Interview with Rebecca, a Pinterest virtual assistant

Why did you want to become a digital nomad?

I love to travel but I need money to be able to do that so this was the perfect fit.


How did you get started and how long have you been on the road for?

The first thing I did was take a course on becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. After that, I saw the potential for offering more services. I still mainly focus on Pinterest Marketing for small businesses.

I am not on the road yet but I am working towards that goal.


How long did it take you to make a decent income?

I am not quite there yet but I have 2 clients and it is making a difference towards my goal of being a digital nomad.


How did you land your first client?

My first client was a blogger that I followed. I noticed he had a good following on Facebook but did not have a Pinterest account yet. I took a chance, sent an e-mail and offered my services and he took me up on it – it was a great first client!


Did you take any courses or did you use FREE resources online?

I took a course on becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant and then I researched about being a virtual assistant in general online and learned a lot more. Also, joining Facebook groups related to what you want to do is very helpful. You can check this Udemy course to learn about Pinterest marketing.


Where can we find you?

You can contact Rebecca directly on her Facebook page.


Q&A – All About Virtual Assistance

How to become a virtual assistant?

To become a good virtual assistant, you first need to understand the hiring process. When someone decided to expand their business, it’s hard to let go of the control and trust someone with their project. That said – you have to be a reliable person.

As Rebecca said, you also first need to think of a skill you already have or a skill you want to learn that you could possibly market. Once you have this skill, then you can reach out to potential clients to find work as a virtual assistant. It would be quite silly to market yourself if you’re not good enough first.


STORYTIME: As I’m a blogger, I learned how to handle social media, manage them, and create content. I don’t think I’m a full-on expert here, but I could use the blog as a platform to showcase my work. I landed my first VA job via Upwork and then I found more clients via Facebook groups. There are many good groups to consider if you’re thinking of becoming a virtual assistant. Networking and being active in these groups is an excellent way to get yourself noticed.


That being said, websites such as Upwork (and I would add Fiverr) are quite popular in the freelancing world. A lot of people need virtual assistants for different tasks. It might not be the most well-paid opportunities, but it’s a great way to get more experience as a virtual assistant. We all need to start somewhere.

In this virtual assistant world, there’s a lot of competition, but also a lot of opportunities. I’d suggest you start cumulating testimonies and recommendations for any eventual clients.

Another thing to consider would be Linkedin – which is a great platform for networking!

Here are a few Facebook groups for Virtual Assistants:

➤ Virtual Assistant Savvies

➤ Virtual Assistant Jobs

➤ Virtual Assistant Empowerment

➤ Rockstar Bloggers and Virtual Assistants


How to become a Pinterest virtual assistant?

As Rebecca said, a Pinterest virtual assistant has first to understand Pinterest. In the blogging industry, Pinterest is a huge traffic machine. That being said, it’s a great way to get referrals for businesses too. Pinning for fun or pinning to drive traffic to a website is two different things. When I was looking for tattoo ideas on Pinterest, I was not considering myself to be an expert! Thankfully, there are many resources online and courses to help you become a Pinterest assistant.


Learn to be a Pinterest virtual assistant using these FREE resources

➤ Slaying Social: This website isn’t about being a Pinterest VA, but it does provide a lot of information about Pinterest and strategies to drive traffic with Pinterest.

➤ Melyssa Griffin: She is a blogging and Pinterest expert and she also has a podcast.


Apart from understanding the basics of Pinterest, you should also learn about Tailwind which is a scheduling tool used by Pinterest users.

➤ Tailwind has its own blog offering a lot of good tips to understand the platform and offers a free beginner course.

➤ LouiseM helps you understanding Tailwind here.


Invest a bit of money in a course

These courses are about Pinterest marketing, not only about being a virtual assistant.

➤ Profit with Pinterest

➤ Start your own business as a Pinterest manager

➤ Pinterest marketing for beginners


Invest a bit of money in a book

➤ Pinterest power

➤ 500 Social media marketing tips

➤ Pinterest for dummies


How to become a virtual assistant with no experience?

We all know that there are different ways to learn a new skill. To be a virtual assistant, you could first decide to learn a skill or learn different general things. A lot of people seem to love outsourcing social media marketing, email management as well as data entries, etc.


Invest a bit of money in a course to learn how to be a virtual assistant

➤ Become a virtual assistant

➤ Work from home as a virtual assistant


How much does a virtual assistant make?

It really depends on the tasks, the number of tasks, and your level of experience. The better you become, the higher will be your income. Of course, when I first started as a virtual assistant, I was ready to ask for a lower wage just so I can gain more experience. I was actually selling monthly packages and I hoped I could manage to do the work faster than expected. It took me a long time to be actually able to make my time worthy, but I got there eventually. I was probably paid around $10 per hour at first. I used to work as a virtual assistant from time to time (mostly as a Pinterest and SEO virtual assistant) and I was able to get anything between $25-40 per hour).

I have more experience and I have a good reputation which means that people recommend me to other people. This being said, my time is valuable and I know I can get the job done.

If being a virtual assistant is your full-time job, then, of course, you can make a decent income out of it. A lot of virtual assistant charges even more if they manage to prove that they will reach excellent results in a short period of time. It’s all about being efficient and doing a good job.


What skills do you need to become a good virtual assistant?

If you are wondering how to be a good virtual assistant, let’s take a look at the skills and strengths you must have!

Apart from having skills to market, you must be good at communicating efficiently. The communication with your boss could be done via email or via calls, but you have to be able to be clear enough.

Also, you would have to be efficient, disciplined, and trustworthy. You might have to handle deadlines, so you can’t be a royal procrastinator for these time-trading tasks. In fact, you must act like a top virtual assistant you would hire yourself.

Becoming a virtual assistant is not for everyone. You might end up doing tasks you don’t really like, so you have to make sure you can stay motivated too.

You also need to be tech-savvy, curious, and patient! Every client uses different tools, platforms, etc. This means you could be communicating via email for one client, and you might have to call the other one or use some kind of tracking time platform for another one. I personally love to use tools such as Excell Shared Spreadsheet or Shared Google Document to communicate with clients. Otherwise, I also follow the orders, because at the end of the day – I am not the boss.

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