Graphic Design & Branding Collateral

Does your business have a brand that speaks to your audience? The appearance of your business is that the very first thing most customers see, so confirm it speaks volumes! I put your brand front and center with a stand-out logo and branding collateral which will make your business unforgettable!

I create beautiful, engaging branding and graphics for your business!

✓ I work together to make or redefine a brand for your company
✓ I put your brand front and center with stand-out collateral
✓ I design beautiful branding and graphics for all areas of your business
✓ I design logos, websites, and branding collateral your clients will love
✓ I broaden your reach with graphics people will like to share
✓ I take your products to subsequent level
✓ I provide you with every file format you will need

What is graphic design?

I have all heard the old saying that an image is worth thousand words, and this couldn’t be truer than when talking about your online presence. From your business’ website and marketing materials to social media networking sites and launch products, having great graphics makes an enormous impact. Take it from me as a virtual assistant who focuses on graphic design and branding, nothing makes a site look more professional than polished, engaging, and consistent visual style! Effective, strategic branding will offer you a plus over your competitors, making it possible for you to focus on markets as tight or broad as you wish .

Why is graphic design important?

It is important to drive your visual branding, website, packaging, products, and online content with consistent, high-quality images and messages. An aesthetically-appealing and interesting brand covering all of your services and products is vital to attracting new customers. As a virtual assistant, I can assist you utilize print AND digital media to place your business front and center, representing your brand and gaining you recognition. In other words, you’ll stand out!

How am i able to help?

As with all our business services, you’re only paying for what you invite . you’ll get the maximum amount or as little graphic design work as you need! I offer everything including: logo design, packaging design, print design (packaging, branding collateral, welcome kits, flyers, brochures, rack cards, stickers, labels, tags, pricing/sell sheets, and business cards), website design, webinar design, and digital design (online magazines, infographics, logos, testimonial quotes, newsletters, reports, social media covers and visuals, media kits, and online magazines). Just tell us what you would like and that i will get to work!

On the marketing side, I can supercharge your print marketing efforts by integrating your refreshed brand seamlessly into your logo, website, business cards, brochures, and more.

What to expect?

✓ Initial research: Complete, in-depth research to kick-start your new branding.
✓ Strategy session: Available via call , Skype, or video conference.
✓ Original design: Original, JPEG, PNG, and EPS files.
✓ Color palettes: Primary and secondary color palettes.
✓ Typeface families: Headlines and body copy.
✓ A brand concept brief: a transparent visual concept and an idea for your brand.
✓ Brand guideline: Showing proper usage of logo, colour scheme , typeface, and brand products.
✓ a versatile working partnership: Whether you would like tons of graphic design or simply a touch , I can help!
✓ Single interpretation of the planning brief: Since you collaborate with one individual, you’ll receive a unified vision of your design.
✓ Multiple file formats: Your final design will include a variety of formats that you simply can archive for future use.
✓ Graphic design heaven: I offer numerous sorts of graphic design that your options are almost limitless!