Are you having a difficult time managing projects, tasks, team members, and your schedule? you would like to stay your business organized with an excellent project management system!

I ensure your projects and clients never fall flat the cracks again!

✓ I ensure your business will run smoother than ever
✓ I help organize your to-do list to maximise productivity
✓ I found out and maintain a project management system
✓ I facilitate sending all of your file backups to the cloud
What is project management?
As alittle business owner with an extended to-do list, you recognize the importance of being organized. Properly managing your schedule and projects keeps your business productive, focused, and profitable. Plus, it also helps to stay you sane!

While it’s very easy to speak about being organized, staying organized are some things else entirely. Entrepreneurs and little business owners have numerous balls within the air directly that they’ll find it difficult to repeatedly monitor and maintain their projects, team members, and schedules. As a virtual assistant that focuses on project management, I can assist you keep your business running smoother than ever.

Why is project management so important?

The most effective thanks to help clients better manage their business is to line them up a web project management system. it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks if they’re only written on little sticky notes everywhere your office. By entering all of your clients, projects, and tasks into a project management system, you’ll be ready to set due dates and assign tasks to the right team members, ensuring that each one tasks are completed during a timely manner with nothing forgotten.

How am i able to help?

I can found out an internet and mobile application designed to enable project management for your business. you’ll use it to manage and organize projects, tasks, files, and timelines for your clients. Project management systems eliminate disorganized notes and emails about tasks, ensuring that every project/task is completed promptly with nothing slipping through the cracks! Your clients are going to be delighted to ascertain how organized you are!

Project management software I set up:

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Project management services I provide:
Contact (CRM) setup
Client creation
Project creation
Task creation
Lead setup
Questionnaire setup
Contract setup
Invoice/Payment setup
Time tracking setup
Workflow setup
Template creation
Live and recorded training sessions

What to expect?

✓ Simple onboarding: I streamline your business with the right project management platform.
✓ Project management selection: I assist you select the simplest project management system for your needs.
✓ Data input: I found out your entire project management system, fixing your clients, tasks, and projects.
✓ Live and recorded training: I show you the simplest thanks to use the software for your business.
✓ Continued support: I monitor projects and offer the required to assist move your projects forward!