What does an administrative assistant do?

Administrative assistants use a computer to create spreadsheets, compose messages, manage databases, and whip up presentations, reports, and documents. They also may negotiate with vendors, buy supplies, manage stockrooms or corporate libraries, and get data from various sources. Specific job duties vary by experience, job title, and specialty.

The work of an administrative assistant typically involves the following:

Maintain paper and electronic filing systems for records and messages
Route and distribute incoming mail and email
Answer routine letters and email
Reply and attach files to incoming messages
Correct spelling and grammar to ensure accuracy
Operate fax machines, videoconferencing and phone systems, and other office equipment
Use computers for spreadsheet, word processing, database management, and other applications
Complete forms in accordance with company procedures

What is the workplace of an Administrative Assistant like?
Although administrative assistants work in nearly every industry, many are concentrated in schools, hospitals, government agencies, and legal and medical offices. Most work full time in comfortable office settings. Virtual assistants typically work from a home office.


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